Introduction to Pricing and Minimums

Creating a shoe can be an incredibly complex process, which is why a seemingly straightforward question such as “What are your pricing and minimums?” won’t get you the answer you might be looking for. Footwear design, and the resulting production requirements, has so many variables that it’s downright impossible to accurately estimate pricing and minimums at first glance.

Imagine a pair of driving shoes made of embossed vegan leather and the same pair made of genuine crocodile – the difference in material will equate to a large disparity in price. This is why a mere photo won’t do! Some designs can be produced at a 50 pair minimum, while others require a 5,000 pair minimum. Factory pricing for a style may be $10 or $100 when deeper consideration is given to the materials, construction, and level of quality.

Starting off with accurate design information ensures you will receive accurate pricing and minimums information in return, and the best way to provide those details is through tech packs and reference samples. Equipping your manufacturer with the right information will help them to better gauge production requirements including material costs and yields, the most appropriate production processes, necessary quality control and lab tests, and custom toolings needed. All of these factors will affect your factory placement, timelines, minimums and the overall cost of your project. 

If you’re just starting out, we’ve created general guidelines for the pricing and minimums ranges one can expect in each category in our Pricing and Minimums Guide. If you’re a little further along in your process, head over to the Startup Shop to read up on everything you’ll need to provide to get a truly accurate quote.