Otabo is a full-service manufacturer and trusted partner that helps brands compete in ways they otherwise couldn't.

We partner with passionate creators. We’re proud to offer a hybrid of passion and adaptability— pragmatic experience meets creative brain power to achieve (and surpass) our clients’ vision of success.

Our Values

This is more than just business. We partner with people (and ideas) we believe in.

Responsive supply chains shouldn’t be reserved for big brands. We believe in helping passionate creatives put beautifully designed products into the hands of their customers.

  • We strive for excellence
  • We work in a way that is personal
  • We think about the long term and quick wins
  • We focus on creation
  • We're passionate about creators
  • And the impact of their products
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Our Story

The story behind Otabo

After over a decade in the footwear manufacturing business, CEO Sabrina Finlay realized that great ideas from startups were not getting the support they needed and had more potential than people realized.

One question changed everything: “Why are you turning down small accounts when they’re actually the most meaningful?”

Soon, she started exploring opportunities to partner with passionate creators to bridge that gap.

Now, Otabo works with over 50 factories and hundreds of materials and components vendors to help great ideas find their feet.

Purpose-driven Culture

We created Otabo because we believe supply chains can be a work of art. We are passionate about creating meaningful relationships and to think harder and smarter about the way we make products. Otabo is more than a business— it’s a mission.

Authenticity and passion

We believe that how we do anything is how we do everything; we strive for excellence. That means we work in a way that is personal, connected, collaborative, and caring.

Made for Creators

We believe in relationships and deep collaboration, not just transactions. We aim to make a real, measurable difference on the footwear, apparel, and athletic equipment industries by empowering great ideas with great supply chains.

Our Team

Meet the people who make us

Sabrina Finlay

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Finlay

Chief Growth Officer

Natalie Klang

Director of Finance

Claire Haskell

Director of Operations

Winnie Wu

Admin and China Affairs Manager

Kenneth Leung

Senior Director of Trade

Emily Hals

Director of Development and Production

Nitya Chandra

Director of Trade

Katherine Huang

Development + Production Manager

Suki Wang

Logistics Specialist / Account Coordinator

Matthew Steen

Production Specialist

Brendan Weiskotten

Account Coordinator

Adam Kinowski

Account Coordinator

Zola Lin

Account Coordinator

Abby Griffin

Process Coordinator

Kayla Reding

Finance Coordinator


Master Craftsman

Chief Executive Officer

Sabrina Finlay /

Sabrina Finlay is the CEO of Otabo, an international footwear, apparel and accessories manufacturing company.

She grew up in Asia where family started a shoe manufacturing business producing for major brands including Nike, Adidas, Timberland, etc. Under her father's mentorship, she spent the early years of her career working in various roles on the factory floor - from grading leather and stitching shoes, to designing production equipment and managing factory logistics. The experience prepared her to take on the challenge of building more agile manufacturing models that consider the unique needs of individual brands.

Prior to establishing Otabo as a full-service manufacturer, she ran bespoke and medical footwear programs, and oversaw factory operations and transitions across international facilities for her family’s business. She supported the launch of Asics Foot ID and contracted under Lockheed Martin to help establish a custom equipment program for the United States Air Force.

Today, under Sabrina’s leadership, Otabo is active on six continents and runs production in a network of 50+ factories. She has forged her own path within the rigid manufacturing industry to cultivate a company that is relationship forward, transparent and quality focused. Otabo’s unique approach allows small startups to compete with big brands and big brands to become more agile and efficient.

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